Awesome Tanks 4

As a driver of the orange tank you have earned quite a reputation. Your good reputation has travelled way beyond earth. You are now a celebrity in the intergalactic space and an evil alien decides to abduct you and your orange tank with it. You are now placed in an alien coliseum where you have to battle hordes of never before seen alien vehicles. It is time to show these alien what you are made up of. So ready your cannon and start firing for your freedom.

Click Here to play Awesome Tanks 4

Click Here to play Awesome Tank 4

Controls of the game

The controls are very easy and simple to pick up it only requires few buttons of keyboard and a mouse

  • W or Up arrow key moves your tank upward
  • S or Down arrow key moves your tank downward
  • A or Left arrow key steers the tank to the left side
  • D or Right arrow key steers the tank to the right side
  • The crosshair is positioned by the movement of mouse
  • Left click allows you to shoot
  • Right click provides the use of dual weapon
  • Space bar allows you to swap weapons
  • 1 to 9 keys makes select the desired weapons
  • Shift key places mine on the stage

Overview of the game

Awesome Tank 4 provides you the quadruple of awesome fun and mayhem. This time the fight takes place in alien arena where they put people from other planet to fight to the death. The winner takes the prize and earns freedom from the alien’s hand. Once again you have to leave your trail of destruction all over the arena and try to achieve your freedom. In this sequel lots of new feature has been deployed, for starter the visualization of stage and the enemy took a huge redecoration.

The stages are now more intergalactic and the vehicles of the enemy are a bit futuristic. The orange tank gets a really nice upgrade, now you can transform the tank to use several guns together and cause a major rampage among the enemy. Like the previous sequel Awesome Tank 4 has really unique boss fights which are really entertaining to engage. Each of the new stages now requires good tactics and aiming, you can no longer shoot mercilessly at enemies, as they have much stronger and tougher. So knowing the stages each part is crucial part of the strategy and applying the environment of the stage in your favor is a great way to survive.

Awesome Tanks 4


The weapon are redesigned to match like the alien theme, there are lots of new weapons to collect from various enemies. While some weapons are awarded by completion of stage. There are some rare weapons you can collect but these weapon are really difficult to obtain but the weapons are really strong and can cause a massive explosion. There is now the added functionality of having dual weapon in the tank, with the multiple weapons you can position and fire each of them towards different direction.

Scores and achievement

The score system changed slightly with some additional feature, your score is determined by 3 factor.

  • For each enemy tanks you destroy you earn points
  • A certain amount of point is awarded by the time required in each level. So finishing early gives you a decent score.
  • The survival rating of your tank, it judges how many hit you took during the battle the lower the hit the better the score.

The achievement feature remained intact but lots of challenging trophies has been added to the game. For player who likes to have a collection of trophy and likes to show off then the achievement feature is definitely for them.



Awesome Tanks 4
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