Return Man 3

What to do in the days when there is no game on TV? Or, between games when you don’t feel like doing anything else? Play the game, of course!

ESPN Arcade brings to you another sequel to the already popular Punt Return Man, Return Man 3. The game makers improve upon the game to add in more features and options.

Game Rules

The rules of the game are simple. Wait your turn in the field until the ball is passed to your team; grab the ball as fast as you can and then head straight to the touchdown with the ball before anyone from the opponent team can catch you.

So grab the ball when it comes to you and run – straight, left, right and down – until you are out of the clutches of your opponent and safe within the touchdown arena.

Keep the following in mind:

–       that you get the ball before anyone from the opponent team does

–       that no one from the opponent team takes the ball from you

–       that no opponent player can tackle and stop you from reaching the touchdown

Game Levels and Difficulty

The game expands over a series of 15 weeks, from Week1: Opening Week and Week 2: Down and Dirty to Week 14: Limited Visibility and Week 15: Super Monday. Each week has around 3-5 stages that you will need to beat to proceed over to the next week/stage.

Each game gives you four (4) chances or balls to score. Each time you successfully reach the touchdown with the ball, you win the game, and is awarded a score based on your performance. If you fail to reach the touchdown, or is tackled midfield, you lose one life, i.e. ball, and get to try again. The total score is measured after each stage is finished. You can also submit your highest scores for others to see and compare against. The game is a bit harder than previous Return Man games.

Return Man 3


You have the option to choose from two  sets of controls in this game:

  • For going left – A
  • For going Right – D
  • For going up – W
  • For going Down – S
  • Special Moves – J, K and L

Or alternatively,

  • For going left – J
  • For going right – L
  • For going up – I
  • For going right – K

You can also use the arrow buttons on the keyboard to move your player.


You can decide to keep the sound on or off during the game, and access this option any time in between the game. Also, you can check for the controls, or change your control settings, during the game.

Special moves are unlocked during the game as you go through each week’s game. The special moves include a Juke, Stiff Arm, Afterburner, Front Flip, Ankle Breaker, Hurdle, Spin and a Bulldozer.

Age Limit

There is no definite age limit to this game. Any sports lover or game lover who is comfortable with controlling an avatar with the keyboard can play this game. There is no violence or foul language in the game.

Return Man 3
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